LINN Adikt

LINN Adikt

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Designed to retrieve an incredible level of musical detail from the groove of a record, Adikt uses an efficient and affordable moving magnet (MM) configuration. This makes it an ideal starting point for any quality vinyl playback system and its performance is more than a match for many expensive moving coil (MC) designs.

The Adikt cartridge features a rigid body and Gyger II replaceable stylus, both of which help to achieve a finely detailed and dynamic sound. It is easily mounted on a wide range of tonearms, including Linn’s Akito.

Adikt is fitted as standard to the Majik LP12

Cartridge type: Moving Magnet

Stylus type: Gyler II

Cantilever : Aluminium Tube

Armature : n/a

Pin Connection : 12mm gold 

mounting point : 2

Channel Balance at 1kHz : -/+ 2 dB

Channel Separation : better than 25 dB

Load Resistance : 47 k ohm

load Capasitance : 150 - 200 pF

Tracking force : 1,5 - 2,0 g

cartridges mass : 7 g